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鈥淲on鈥檛 you take a chair, Miss Chetwynde?鈥 said Mr. Pinchook; and he offered her his, transferring himself to a box..
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鈥淲hat would Lady Wyndover say if I took you back soaking wet? Pull up for a moment, and stand up.鈥!
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鈥淭hat you haven鈥檛 heard from her? But I don鈥檛 understand! Why do you not answer, Trafford? You鈥攜ou frighten me!鈥.
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The men cheered and offered to grab them up, but Bill kicked out warningly.
The murmur rose again, and grew almost too loud for a sacred edifice, as she came in sight; and the women whispered among themselves in admiration of her beauty and the magnificence of her dress. It was a splendid procession, a vision of white loveliness accentuated by gleaming pearls and flashing diamonds, and those who had spent hours of weary waiting felt that they were receiving their reward.
At the end of the week Trafford found the strain tighter than he could endure. He felt that if he remained by her side another day, his love would break the bounds of restraint[197] and force him beyond himself; so he said that he must go up to town on business; and he went.
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